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12 Narnia icons

[1-25] Game of Thrones
[26-37] Harry Potter
[38-44] Merlin
[45-55] The Lord of the Rings
[56-67] Chronicles of Narnia
[68-74] Legend of the Seeker
[75-79] Rome
[80] Hidalgo
[81-82] 10th Kingdom
[83] Robin Hood
[84] North & South
[85] Camelot
[86] Elizabeth - Golden Age
[87] Ugly Betty
[88-91] Daniel Radcliffe
[92-93] Emilia Clarke
[94-97] Evana Lynch
[98-99] Jason Momoa
[100-101] Katie Leung
[102-105] Liv Tyler
[106-107] Natalie Dormer
[108-109] Ralph Fiennes
[110-111] Mark Addy & Gethin Anthony


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Secret Persona (1/1)

Title: Secret Persona
Author: congotandsja
Summary: Edmund contemplates what is good about his life while having a mental breakdown. One-shot. Set during "the golden age".
Rated: Anyone can read it
Warnings: Angst, mental breakdown, important love, etc...

(Secret Persona - Read it here).

Also, hey, I'm new to this community so I'm not entirely sure how it works. If I need to change anything, please tell me and I will do so.
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edmund - best character ever
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Crossover Exchange!

Sign ups are now open at [info]xover_exchange, a multifandom crossover fic exchange. Narnia is one of over 50 eligible fandoms for this round. If the idea of The Island (Lost) being a missing chapter in Voyage of the Dawn Treader, or a young Professor X (X-Men) hearing the secrets in Susan's mind, or Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter) having adventures with Reepicheep sounds fun, then please consider signing up! Sign-ups are open until Monday night, so you have plenty of time to think about your dream crossover.

Check out the comm's Narnia tag to see all the great Narnia crossovers that have been written in the past 2 years!

Selling my LE Narnia Watch

Hi, I'm attempting to sale my Limited Edition The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe wrist watch. It was bought from QVC back in late 2005 (just after I fell in love with the movie, if I remember right) and comes in original tin case. I never really worn it before, just admired it. The batteriest ARE dead, but it should work perfectly fine with new batteries put into it. It's a rare find and I've only seen one other on the internet after looking. Would anyone be interested in this watch? I was thinking 35 for it were as I originally gave about 80 or so.  Would be cool for a collector.

A new Narnia Community

The Nobody Dies, Everybody Lives Chronicles of Narnia AU Community 

The terrible problem with The Last Battle in C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia is that in the end everyone, except Susan Pevensie, dies, including Narnia. This new community taps the desire of readers and fans who don't want the story to end with a fiery train wreck in 1949. What happened next? If these characters had such amazing things happen to them in their youth, what amazing things might they have gone on to do as adults?

This is the opportunity to share that creative hope and vision of too many lives cut short too early during a very exciting time in world history. No one will tell you, 'You're doing it wrong." We know everyone dies and that makes us sad. Let's pretend everyone lived, instead.

At the moment, we have seen the development of Dr. Eustace Scrubb the oblivious yet alluring man of science (noted herpetologist and stunt pilot), Jill Pole humanitarian, doctor, who was chased out of Cuba by the Batista regime, Susan Pevensie, cold war spy, and some other things.  This is not limited to any one person's vision or set of stories, or anything like that. Come one, come all, come share your vision.

The  last_battle_au community
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[1-49] Game of Thrones
[50] Kit Harington
[51-66] Chronicles of Narnia
[67-71] Legend of the Seeker
[72-78] Gladiator
[79-81] The Pirates of the Caribbean
[82-92] Atonement
[93-97] Richard Armitage

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